Work with our experts on your actual data

It makes sense after the introduction of luxData to organise a workshop on your premises as a follow-up to the basic training already provided. Training is designed to introduce you to the world of luxData. Workshops, on the other hand, complement it perfectly and will not only make your work easier but will also save you time. Workshops are structured like training but there’s one big difference: your actual data is used in workshops which has the benefit for you that it will be scrutinised by an expert. This person will therefore be able to immediately help you with any questions you may have, assist with any mistakes discovered in data management and correct any errors found.

Possible topics for workshops:

  • Definition of procedures, e.g. when for dealing with faults
  • Conversion of systems with the aid of inventroy control (e.g. switching to LED)
  • Supplementation of data for correctly calculation energy consumption
  • Positioning of systems within GIS (assignment of GIS coordinates)
  • Implementation of practical examples
  • Reviewing of data