Opportunities for municipalities


1. Deposit your mail address

Deposit your email address at stoerung24 for free and you will get fault reports of your municipality. At any time you can change, delete or complement this email address. If you would like to use this service, just send us an email at our contact form with your email address, municipalities and post codes.


2. Integrate the stoerung24 service into your homepage

Some of our clients us the opportunity to integrate the stoerung24 service into their websites. A big advantage of this is, that the fault indicator will be forwarded to your website. You can get the iFrame for 550,- Euro annual. Click on an image and you will be forwarded to one of the iFrames of our clients.

iFrame_Berlin1    iFrame_Konstanz1          iFrame_SWLB1


3. Get your own app

You would like to get your own app for reporting faults of street lighting and maybe other objects? We create your own app like you want it, with your logo and colours. Some of our fault reporting apps:

icon_SWB        SW Ruesselsheim icon       icon_sprockhoevel       icon_pullach       SWLB2 Appname Appname Appname       icon_hameln

All of the branded apps you find here.


4. Integrate the stoerung24 service into your existing app

Your city or company has already an app? You are missing the opportunity to report faults? No problem!
Your app can be adapted by the stoerung24 service. There are two possibilities:

1. opportunity - Use stoerung24 via iFrame

2. opportunity - Use the stoerung24 web service with your app

An example for the integration of stoerung24 in another app is “Schwerte APP“.