using mobile data

Mobile devices may be used on location in conjunction with to optimise internal maintenance and repair processes as well as documentation. Used with, such devices are able to provide engineers with all the mobile information about systems, malfunctions and jobs that they need. Data may then be manually processed at site or with the help of bar codes. Once processed, the data may then be synchronised with the data in luxData.





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using the barcode

Barcodes must be placed on systems and system components to make their identification possible. In other words, the systems or components must be assigned appropriate bar codes. These may then be scanned and subsequently allocated to the desired system or component. The data associated with the individual bar codes may then be quickly and simply called up by simply scanning the bar codes. This will help ensure that the correct system or component has been called up. 
Controlling commands: 
Commands and functions in may alternatively be launched with the help of barcode scans. This method makes using the system easier and broadly helps prevent mistakes. To this end, engineers may be provided with laminated documents containing the bar codes for different tasks, functions and commands. The corresponding configuration would also allow additional tasks to be created at site using simple scanning procedures. Plausibility checks may also be set up in to ensure that the steps are carried out in the correct sequence. 
Checking function:
The use of barcodes makes it possible to set up a function that will monitor whether the tasks are being processed correctly. Individual settings may be specified to define which barcode is absolutely necessary to enable users to complete their tasks.

routing and navigation

Route planning and navigation are also possible depending on the device and installed navigation software. Such devices and software would allow a data record that has been assigned to the location to be selected in
Engineers would benefit from the assignment of GPS coordinates to lamp sites or other objects in a variety of different ways.
Systems would, for example, be shown in their correct locations on maps, which makes finding the corresponding systems easier. And if the device possesses its own GPS transmitter, the engineer's location could also be mapped.
Both features would considerably facilitate finding the desired object.
The fact that defects could also be entered in constitutes an additional benefit as they could then be precisely assigned to a mapped lighting point. The defective system only needs to be highlighted in the map and the "Create malfunction" command then carried out. If the engineers only need the details of a specific system, all they have to do is highlight the corresponding system on the map. The form for the respective lighting points would then open with the corresponding data.

communication between and luxData.licht and the luxData.licht management-information system are able to communicate over the Internet or the intranet.