Easy data recording or data correction on site

luxData.easyApp is a tool that allows you to record or correct data on site, easily. All you need is an Android device and a license luxData.easyApp.

Point objects such as e.g. street lighting, traffic lights, park benches, control cabinets, etc., line objects such as e.g. cables or surface objects such as e.g. a Wi-Fi coverage, can be mapped and managed. These data can be synchronized directly with luxData.easy after the new recording or correction. What data you record here is up to you, the data structure is adapted to your needs. After data acquisition or correction, the data from luxData.easyApp is synchronized with luxData.easy. 


luxData.easyApp_06_neues Objekt in Karte positionieren luxData.easyApp_07_neues Objekt_Daten eingeben