luxData.easy – simple data management for different objects

Many smaller municipalities have a barrier to introduce a software to manage the street lighting, as they fear an excessive demand.
This hurdle is taken with luxData.easy. luxData.easy is a simple yet professional documentation of street lighting or other objects
in public areas. luxData.small ist a webbased portal.

Advantage over the documentation in Excel: 
1. Simple representation of objects such as e.g. Street lighting, cabinets, trees, cables etc.
2. Color grouping of different objects
3. Simple selection options
4. Easy data import from Excel
5. Parallel view of the data in geographical and tabular form  


luxData.easyApp exists for data acquisition and correction of object data on site. With this app, data from the objects can be recorded or updated on the move and then synchronized with luxData.easy. luxData.easyApp is available for Android devices.