luxData.control allows you to control lighting centrally

luxData.control is the new expansion module for luxData.licht. This software provides you with a tool to help you control and smoothly dim lamps. You´d like to cut your energy costs, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions and do so from the comfort of your own desk? Then we´ve got just the thing for you! luxData.control in conjunction with the lamps controls used in an increasing number of LED lamps allows lighting levels to be adapted to local requirements. You use illumination controls and lamps by different manufacturers? No problem! We´ve adapted the communications protocols used in the routers and controllers by different manufacturers and integrated them into luxData.control.
luxData.control is being implemented in all luxData products – which means that lamps controls will be assuming a central role within luxData. No need to worry any longer about the different control portals used by different manufacturers. Now you´ll need only one application for all your tasks.

 Adapted communication protocols:

- ALiS 
- Sustainder 
- Echelon 
- Schréder/Owlet 
- Zett Zig Bee
- Siteco/Osram
- Paradox 
- Signify (ehemals Philips Lighting)
- GreenBox
- esave
- Tvilight
- Vossloh-Schwabe
- Phoenix
 - Hausheld
 - Moxa



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luxData.control Product Description